Welcome to SecondaryData.com™, where marketing research and the world of Web-based free knowledge meet.

The World Wide Web is a powerful tool for information retrieval, but its sheer size threatens to overwhelm even the most skillful of searchers. Why not let Decision Analyst's SecondaryData.com™ do the hard work for you? Many of the Web's most valuable sources for reliable and current (but still generally free!) information are just a couple of clicks away.

Browse our six main categories (outlined below), and check back regularly what's out there on the Web changes as quickly as a heartbeat.

General Sources
Access the information you need to understand the world around you companies and industries, demographics, government figures, international data, historical indices, and public opinion. There's also a large general reference section with tools to help you unleash the power of the Internet to uncover almost any kind of known fact, and links to tutorials on how to better spend your research time.

Marketing Resources
Links to the best sites for advertising know-how, public relations, e-commerce, marketing careers, marketing magazines and journals, online marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), data mining, media planning, packaging, sales management, direct marketing, and more.

Marketing Research
Connect to the wide variety of resources available online for marketing researchers, including professional journals and magazines, dedicated associations, along with links to Decision Analyst, Inc.'s marketing research white paper series.

Uncover the powerful tools out there on the Web for marketing researchers in areas such as geomapping, population statistics, and survey research, including a host of free software.

Links to (mostly marketing-focused) statistics and mathematics resources including free software, professional associations, Web portals dedicated to statistical analysis, as well as related tutorials and training opportunities. 

Search cross-referenced links to tutorials and training opportunities on a broad range of subjects, from data mining and database marketing to media buying, product packaging, and general retailing.

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