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Data Mining And Database Marketing

Data Mining
Thearling has compiled an excellent resource site on data mining that includes white papers, book reviews, and links to a wide range of other sites on data mining and its usefulness in marketing.

The Data Mine
This site offers an introduction to data mining, also known as knowledge discovery in databases (KDD), knowledge acquisition from databases, and knowledge discovery. Other resources include links to software, papers, journals, sources of data to mine, and information about On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP).

SmartDrill® Data Mining
Provides a number of explanatory sections for data mining novices, including case studies, white papers, and a nontechnical overview of various methods for analyzing data, working from the simplest techniques through increasingly sophisticated methods, pointing out the strengths and limitations of each.

Marketing and Marketing Research

Questionnaires And Survey Design
This basic but helpful tutorial on how to design a research survey questionnaire is actually a chapter from a book that's offered for sale on this site. However, this chapter can be downloaded free without having to buy the book.

"Principles of Marketing Research"
Access information on the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education's Web-based course, endorsed by the Marketing Research Association, ESOMAR, and the Marketing Research Institute International, and supported by, among others, the Advertising Research Foundation, the American Marketing Association, and CASRO. Skill areas covered include marketing basics, planning the research process, research design, sampling, data collection methods, measurement instruments, data collection skills, data analysis, communicating research results, and research management.

Market Research
This free resource is part of the Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits site, an extensive online library on the challenges that management face, with topics such as marketing, advertising, e-commerce, and intellectual property law. Content is sometimes not updated frequently enough to avoid dead links, but overall the site is well worth checking out as a basic look at what marketing research is and what can be done using marketing research methods.

The Write Market
Tutorials and articles on the basics of developing and executing a marketing plan, with an emphasis on online skills, including online promotion, search-engine promotion, how to publish an Ezine, creating an online press center, writing for the Web and online branding.

Media Buying

Media Buying Academy
Offers a four-day "boot-camp" course in the basics of media planning and buying, taught throughout the U.S., with customized onsite training available as well. Audio and video home-based versions of the training programs are produced.


Packaging® Strategies
Site covers packaging markets, technology, and business, with a focus on reporting exclusive intelligence on new packages, packaging technologies, companies, and market trends. Also available on this site is information about newsletters, conferences, and market studies on packaging.

Public And Media Relations

The SPIN Academy
Although primarily geared toward helping public-interest organizations make use of public relations to further their social-change aims, the SPIN tutorials provide much of general use for those looking to develop strategic media campaigns, including in-depth guides to cultivating relationships with reporters and making the most of photo opportunities and media events.

This site by a journalism professor at Colorado State University organizes links for educators, students, or practitioners, plus a "resources" category for links of more general use, including a section on published research in the field of public relations.

Research On Competitors And Industries

Aurora WDC Magazine
A range of articles and essays addressing topical issues in the fields of competitive intelligence and competitive strategy. Linked access provides starting point to locating intelligence reports on the Web.

Business Research Strategies
Free, online tutorial broken down into five key areas: company and organization, industry and product, topics and events, economic and financial data, and demographics and consumers. Each area is broken down into simple subcategories, leading to primary source links.

NoodleTools' Information Literacy: Search Strategies
A guide to choosing the best search engine depending on your information need. Organized by search type, including "a few good hits fast," "popular or commercial topic" and "I need quality, evaluated pathfinders prepared by a subject expert."

TradePort: Global Trade Tutorial
An interactive tutorial on international trade designed for exporters. Topics addressed include understanding the rules of trade, developing an export strategy and how to research overseas markets.


The Industry Handbook: The Retailing Industry (by Investopia.com)
Perhaps less of a tutorial, more a one- (Web-) page overview of the retailing industry, what it takes to be a success, and what the key factors are for retailing. Links at the conclusion lead to more detailed sources.


Statistics Every Writer Should Know
Information written by L.A. Times' journalist Robert Niles is geared toward fellow journalists and other liberal-arts types who avoided anything mathematical, and statistics in particular, at school but now find they need a basic understanding of statistics that's not too technical.

HyperStat Online
The main offering at this site is the HyperStat Online Textbook, an introductory guide to statistics, but many other resources make it worth a visit, including book reviews, statistics link resources, and an online forum for users of the textbook. Sadly, the links to statistics jokes no longer flourish as they once did!


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